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If you have chosen to do business with us...

We hope that we have impressed you enough that you would happily write us an online review. Even if the review is less than favorable, we would appreciate hearing about it. If there are issues, we would much rather face a problem head on than let it fester or leave you with a poor feeling about us. And the only way we get better at what we do is if we know when we didn't measure up. Please review away!

If reviewing isn't your preferred method, the fastest way to deal with any issue is to contact us and ask to speak directly with the General Manager.

If you are inclined to take the time to write a review, the best place you can do so is on national sites such as Google, Facebook, even Yelp. We suggest you stay away from automotive-specific sites such as cars.com or DealerRater or KBB or Autotrader or Carfax - these sites provide helpful services, but their primary goal is to attract web traffic to their own platforms. We would much rather your words be out in the open where everyone can see them.


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