Buying tires for your Volvo should be simple. We make it simple. We know your Volvo inside and out, we know which tires work best, and our price and selection is second to none.

There is no secret sauce to selling tires. Everyone - the dealerships, the tire-only retailers, the corner service station - has access to the same selection of tires. Tires are one of the most competitive products in automotive; we will work with any apples-to-apples tire quote you bring to us

Some things to consider as you make your next tire purchase:

  • Volvo Village has the ability to high-speed balance or road force balance your tires for the smoothest ride possible.

  • Volvo USA offers at no cost up to 2 years of road hazard protection for tires purchased at Volvo Village.

  • We stock all Original Equipment tires offered by Volvo. Brands include Continental, Michelin, Pirelli and Hankook. Volvo picked these tires to help your vehicle achieve its class leading safety and handling standards

  • We know Volvos cold. We'll know if you have to replace just 2 tires or all 4 on your specific model Volvo, and whether the 2 new tires should go on the front or the rear of your vehicle.We will also give you good/better/best options for your specific Volvo.

  • We can install your tires while you are here for regular maintenance or repairs, rather than you having to make an extra trip to another shop. Plus, you have the use of our comfortable waiting area with its free coffee, bottled water and bagel. Or, if you prefer, we can provide a ride in our shuttle or a Volvo loaner car.

Tire Buying Tip

Did you know you can tell a tire's age? Look for the DOT code - the last 4 digits tell you the week of manufacture and the year. So a code of 3516 means that the tire was made in the 35th week of 2016. The accepted industry standard is that after 6 years rubber has lost enough of its elasticity that tires should be replaced (even if never driven). We have seen some big box retailers with 8 year old tires on the shelves, so always good to check the date when getting tires installed.